Atelier Stefan Zeimet
Concept Art
Stefan Zeimet Köln Berlin
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Atelier Stefan Zeimet



I am a Germany-based artist, scientist and entrepreneur. My work has always been political – and so it will be continued. Over the last 30 years, I have worked together with innumerable people, creating something special to inspire, to touch people’s heart, or to make essential content visible.

As the owner of awandgarde® for more than 30 years I have realised projects especially in the metropolitan regions of Cologne and Berlin, but also internationally. Together with my team of professionals and well-known artists, we bring to life both your extravagant design ideas and material-based creations as part of building projects.

As an artist, my work can be seen at small exhibitions, but also at leading international fairs. My preferred materials are clay, lime, concrete, and earth pigments. Feel free to contact me via
Sincerely, Stefan Zeimet

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